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We Wash Auto Detailing Club is a world class auto detailing facility which is designed to provide high end finish both for ceramic coating and super service.

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what is offered in detailing club?

We offer all range of auto detailing services including super service and ceramic coating.

What about the pricing?

We charge a very reasonable amount for our services as compared to prevailing detailing centers.

Do you have waiting area?

Yes, we offer a fancy sitting and refreshments for the customers waiting to get their car serviced.

which chemical brands are used?

We use various international brands for different levels of customer requirement including Mothers, Vizro & TAC TOP Coat, etc.

How can i book?

You can book by our booking system or just call us for the booking in detailing club

What is the address?

We Wash auto detailing club is located at 871-Q Block, Johar Town, Lahore.